RAVASIO is a son of Fantasy AllMei SHARPE. Ravasio's family originally comes from one of the most valuable and famous Italian farm, the Corvini' s cousins from Casalmaiocco - Lodi.

INSEME has bought 8 bulls from this farm in the last 4 years.

Ravasio shows an extraordinary combination for udder index +4.18, type +3.11 and feet and legs +5.26.

He is very strong by longevity 121, fertility 108 and SCS 110.
The udder index describes an ideal udder, the fore attachment of the udder and the ligament of the udder are both very strong and he is very good on milking speed.

He has a balanced morphology, ideal for modern farms, ideal rumps for the angle and width.

K-BB Casein.

Ideal for the farmers that are seeking for a yield and concrete improvement.




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