April 2019 proofs release does confirm the value of INSEME Italian Genetics sire portfolio!

At his second proof run, Heuer Balisto JENSON, a Balisto son with a different pedigree (mother Epic) from one of the best German cow family, becomes the best proven sire in Italy. He shows great numbers in production (+88 Kgs of protein, the best among Italian proven bulls) with great type and feet & legs. High longevity. Calving ease. Beta Casein A2A2. 

Among the proven bulls we highlight:

Holbra Inseme RODANAS: his third proof run confirms this special bull at the top of the Italian list. Nice strong cows with tremendous udders and perfect F&L. High components and great fitness traits. Over 1,400 daughters in milk.

Mr Inseme FAIRPLAY: still very good with over +1,100 kgs of milk after the base change, type +2.57, udder +3.27, F&L +2,69, udder health 110. Beta Casein A2A2. Over 400 daughters into the index.

Southland Inseme DEL DONGO: +182 Kgs fat + protein…. really very impressive! High semen fertility.

Toc-Farm FONTAINE: even greater show type, +2.93 in spite of the base change with over 200 daughters classified, extreme udder health, high components.

RZG Doorman JEDI confirms its value, good udder both in conformation and health, type +2.56, K-BB & A2A2.

All Nure SECRETARIAT: with over 1,000 daughters in milk, confirms his exceptional type proofs and the ability to produce long lasting cows for the progressive breeders. He is our most exported bull, a true International Leader.

Weh Hart KELLOG: +1,877 kgs of milk with 61 daughters in their second lactation! Conformation +3.28, locomotion +3.70. Calving ease. High semen fertility.

Carifarm Doorman MONTREAL: at his second proof run with over 100 daughters in milk…. second best for udder +3.55 and over +3.00 for type. +1,203 kgs of milk.

Among the new entries:

Inseme B. MANCUSO: a red carried bull out of the Apina Massia family. Good production (+1,579 kgs of milk) with positive fat and protein %, good conformation and great numbers in udder health (the best bull for somatic cell score).

All. Cap. I BELINELLI: average production with very high components. K-Casein AB & Beta Casein A2A2. Perfect balanced type and calving ease.


In the picture: from left to right Rodanas Agamia GP84, Rodanas Ambita GP83, Rodanas Albicocca VG85 – Owner: Az. Stefanini Omero e Stefano – Modena




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