With this April 2018 genetic evaluation run a wind of renewal blows into our brands sire lines. This run introduces a sire like ZURICH (picture) at the top of the list, a bull with great production numbers, the best for Protein kg, rich in functional type traits and Kappa casein AB. Among the new entries shines ATROS, from the Gandolfi's DIVA family. CHAPEAU, today with over 790 daughters in milk, is a great confirmation: very functional cows with great production and very high fat and protein content. Beautiful udders and perfect feet & legs. We will see thoseproblem free cows for many lactations in many herds. Among the already proven bulls SECRETARIAT also confirms his exceptional type proofs and very balanced daughters. He is our most exported bull, a true International Leader. Many very interesting new entries, among which DEL DONGO, JOFFRE, AIMAN and KELLOG. All of them offer great opportunities to breeders, Del Dongo and Aiman have a solid genetic profile, Joffre is a true outcross sire and has exceptional production and wellness combined together. KELLOG shows a champion’s profile: he combines very high production with show type and k casein AB. Balanced for wellness traits. A very modern pedigree. Still among the new ones URIBE and MAZZARRI emerge for production traits while SUNDAY is exceptional for è IES (Italian Economic Index): he is the best in the national list. He combines very high production with a very high daughter fertility: quite unique. High semen fertility as well. A nice confirmation for IRURETA with his second proof release. Kappa casein BB, easy calving and an original pedigree. Very high production with good fitness and very pleasant cows loved by their breeders. Always in the hearth of our breeders our great senators: the tremendous quartet: Scolari, Eudon, Zamagni and Eject. Exceptional cows. many herds not only in Italy just in Italian herds!




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