At his first release as a daughter proven sire, Kellog stands as one of the most interesting subjects on the European scene. He has a very modern pedigree that sees in Meridian and Snowman two sires very strong in production. Snowman was used on a female line very strong on type and longevity. The sire stack is Goldwyn, Outside, Lee and Leader. Laurie Sheik for three times in sequence in the pedigree.

Kora, Kellog grandam is an terrific Outside EX94 who produced 84,300 kg of milk over six lactations with 3.80% fat and 3.18% protein.

Kellog is very strong in production traits where he combines a first class milk proof with positive protein %. In conformation Kellog reaches out to absolute Breed Leader level. The ideal sire for those who love to have very classy cows. Kappa Casein AB. Easy calving.

Picture: AllPado Kellog Rasta VG85






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